For the first time in it's history, Karate BC introduced a new tournament format where all eight Provincial zones first had a playoff in order to compete in the Spring Championships. It was a resounding success, with over three hundred karatekas, from every corner of the Province, participating.

Ten of our members made the trek to the tournament and represented our club and Zone 6 in fine fashion. We returned with thirteen medals (actually, they were trophies this time) for our efforts.

Congratulations to all!

Brendan Flower - Kata
Joshua McIntosh Kata
Carah Webster - Kata

Brendan Flower - Kumite
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham - Kata
Cody Lan-Phavongkham - Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Weapons Kata

Kaitlyn Dawe - Kumite
Sydney Ewens - Kata
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham - Kumite
Joshua McIntosh Kumite
Carah Webster - Kumite

Sydney performing kata

Shivonne performing kata

Alysia performing kata


Carah performing kata

Cody performing kata

Joshua performing kata






Jeffery performing kata

Brendan performing kata

Danny performing kata


Danny performing bo kata

More trophies...

...and more trophies


Shivonne kicks to the chest

Alysia kicks to the head

Carah punches the face


Cody kicks to the head

Joshua punches the ribs

Kaitlyn punches the face


More trophies...

...and more... well, you know

We regret that we were
unable to take kumite
photographs of
Bredan and Danny.

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