National Karate Association, Karate BC and
Renshikan Karate-Do International
Membership fees


Our club and Instructors are members of and registered with: Renshikan Karate-Do International, Karate BC, National Karate Association (N.K.A.), , Shito-Ryu International, World Karate Federation (W.K.F.) Although we do not register directly with the latter three, we have affiliation with them through our first two affiliates..

In addition to the many benefits listed below, as a member of these organizations, you're assured that club instructors:

  • Rank is recognized through a style lineage
  • Is a qualified instructor
  • Adheres to high standards of conduct
  • Has a current police background check

As an affiliate club of these organizations, each and every member of the club must be registered with the same. A yearly registration fee is collected by the club and forwarded, on your behalf, to them.



  Renshikan Karate-Do International Karate BCNational Karate Association World Karate Federation Shito-Ryu International  

--------------------Karate BC (NKA) Member Benefits---------------------

1. Insurance coverage:
.....a) Accident and $3 million Liability for Members and Instructors
.....b) Dental accident coverage

2. Association Newsletter and e-News

3. High School Sport Credits Program for athletes and officials

4. KidSport funding through Sport BC

5. Technical seminars conducted by high performance coaches

6. Administers National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Technical

7. Courses on sport safety in conjunction with the Sport Medicine Council

8. Organizes competitions for both Recreational and High Performance
.....a) Provincial Championships
.....b) Open Tournament
.....c) BC Winter Games/Northern BC Winter Games

9. Provides access to higher level competition through Team BC:
.....a) National Championships – International Championships
.....b) High Performance Seminars
.....c) Fitness Testing

10. Insures safe competitions through tournament sanctioning process

11. Administers Officials program:
.....a) Offers officiating courses conducted by highly skilled instructors
.....b) Insures competent officials for tournaments
.....c) Provides opportunity to excel at officiating at National andInternational Levels

12. Promotes exposure to media including newspaper coverage of events
and individuals

13. Province-wide referral service for member clubs:
.....a) Advertising in Yellow Pages throughout the Province
.....b) Web-page on the Internet, including club listing

14. National Sport Trust Fund - tax deductible receipt program

15. Loyalty Program

Karate BC is the official karate organization recognized by our Provincial Governament as the governing body of karate in BC.

N.K.A. is the official karate organization recognized by our Federal Governament as the governing body of karate in Canada.


Full year fee applies from Sept 01 to August 31
From April 01 to August 31 fee is pro-rated to half year.


If this is the first time registering with us, please read this info

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