Welcome to our organization and thank you for choosing our program. In this page we will try and give you an overview on how we manage our club.

Q -I just enrolled in the karate program, what do I need to participate?

A -In karate we wear a uniform called a karate gi. As a beginner, you need only purchase a uniform (we wear no footwear) and you're good to go. You can purchase one through our website in the 'Equipment Sale' page. Our uniforms come complete with pants, jacket and a white belt.
Follow the menu link -at left- (Equipment Sale) to place your order.

Until you purchase your gi, sweats and t-shirt are fine (or any comfortable appropiate attire). For members at CCCS Lux Mundi, your School's gym attire is also fine.

Q -Do I need additional equipment?

A -As a beginner (white belt rank) the uniform is all you need.
Once you advance to the rank of yellow belt (right after white belt), you will then need the following:
........a) Sparring gloves
........b) Mouth guard (upper only)
........c) Groin protector (males only) -optional in class, mandatory in tournaments
........d) Nunchakus (optional)

In addition, once you advance to the rank of orange belt (right after yellow), you will also need the following:
.........a) Shin/foot pads
.........b) Bo (staff)

PLEASE NOTE... Gloves and shin guards must be WKF approved -and marked as such. No other equipment will be allowed to be used in kumite practices and bouts.

Q -Are there any other fees, besides the class registration fee?

A -While a white belt, at Saanich Commonwealth Place, Vic West Rec Centre, Chrystal Pool and Fitness, Oaklands Community Centre or at Christ Church Cathedral School (Lux Mundi), there are no other fees.

However, at the end of each season, all beginners are encouraged to challenge the yellow belt rank. If succesfull, there is a new rank/belt registration fee.
The new rank/belt registration fee applies each time the student is promoted to a higher rank (does not apply to partial promotions - stripes)
In addition, every year the club, the instructors and each and every member should register with our Provincial, National and International affiliates. The yearly fee (NKA) and the rank/belt registraton fee, are collected by the club and forwarded on your behalf.

Q -Why the difference between participants at Saanich Commonwealth Place and the Schools?

A -Our main dojo -at Saanich Commonwealth Place- is registered and affiliated with the Provincial, National and International bodies of karate. As such, we must adhere to their bylaws and regulations.
Whereas, the other locations programs are run by the schools and are not required to register with the same.
Anyone participating at the other locations, that wants to register with our affilliates, will be registered through our main club.

Q - Is there a benefit in registering the new rank and being a member of these organizations?

A -Although students at all locations receive the same top level instruction and advance in exaclty the same manner, students with no membership to our affiliates and not registering each time they advance to a higher rank, their ranks will not be recognized by our affiliates. Whereas, registered members rank is recognized World wide.

Q -Which karate organizations is Victoria Renshikan Karate affiliated with?

A -We have affiliations with the following governing bodies of karate:

  • karate BC
  • Renshikan Karate-Do International
    (we register directly with the above two and, through our affililiation with them, we are also part of the following three).
  • National Karate Association (NKA)
  • Shito-Ryu International
  • World Karate Federation (WKF)

As affiliated members, each year the club and each individual student, must purchase a registration membership. This yearly fee is collected by the club and forwarded, on your behalf, to them.

For a full list of membership benefits, please go here

Q -Where can I go to get additional information?

A -By sharing your e-mail address with us, we will send you the user name and password to our 'Members only" portion of our website.
There, you will find as much as you will need to get started in karate. From video clips, of the basic techniques that beginners learn, to full video clips of the mandatory katas to challenge the yellow belt test.

We do not share, give away or sell our mailing list. And, it's just as easy to get off as it is to subscribe to it.

Go to our home page and register your e-mail address with us


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