@Saanich Commonwealth Place
@ Vic West Community Centre
(Child and adults)



All white belts (and/or beginners), training at Saanich Commonwealth Place and Vic West Recreation Centre, must register for classes through the appropriate Centre. Saanich Recreation and Vic West Recreation offer an online registration service, but the sheer size of the their site can make finding registration information a little difficult. For this reason, we're providing the links below so you may find our class information more easily.

NOTE: We have no control over Saanich Recreation or Vic West Recreation sites or how they may wish to organize, move, display, or update their pages. If you discover a bad link, please let us know. The following links will open in a new browser window.

Saanich Commonwealth Place Links

Vic West Community Centre Links

  • Kids Karate (4-6 Years Old) -Beginners and white belts only
  • Youth Karate (6-12 Years Old) -Beginners and white belts only

  • All yellow belts and higher ranks must register with the club


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