Due to the tremendous effort from everyone involved, our first tournament was a resounding success. We like to thank all of the volunteers, from our club and from the other clubs, that generously devoted their day to make this event a memorable one for all of the participants.

In addition to hosting our own tournament and giving our members a chance to perform in front of the home crowd, it was our aim to introduce tournament competition to our members that normally do not travel to other cities to attend competitions, and, we believe, that we achieved our goals. A great time was had by all, from the participants to family spectators to everyone involved.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedication.

Jordan Compton - Kumite
Antonio Correia - Kata
Kaitlyn Dawe - Kata
Shivonne Dawe - Kumite
Myriam Devlin - Team Kata
Sofia Devlin - Team Kata
Sarah Doctor - Kumite and Kata
Liam Dwyer - Kata
Holly Goodacre - Kata
Jordan Hancock - Kata and Team Kata
Lucy Hancock - Kumite and Kata
Zack Hancock - Kata
Amanda Illmayer - Kumite and Kata
Cody Lan-Phavongkhan - Kumite and Kata and Weapons Kata
Ayishia Lan-Phavongkhan - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Camden Leith - Kata
Joshua Martel - Kata
Joshua Mcintosh - Kata
Geoffrey Newell - Kata and Team Kata
Jean Newell - Kata and Team Kata
Chase Parker - Kata
Danny Riches - Kata and Weapons Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kumite
Jake Solbaken - Kata
Carah Webster - Kata and Team Kata
Melody Wise - Kata

Jordan Compton - Kata
Brandon Cowan - Kata
Kaitlyn Dawe - Team Kata
Mike Deventer - Kata
Luke Ewens - Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kata
Brendan Flower - Team Kata
Christopher Gjeterud - Kata
Matthew Gjeterud - Kata
David Goodfellow - Kumite
Jordan Hancock - Kumite
Lucy Hancock - Team Kata
Zack Hancock - Team Kata
Camille Irvine - Kumite
Olivia Knoester - Kumite and Kata
Ayishia Lan-Phavongkhan - Kata
Marshall Ma - Kata
Alex MacDonell - Weapons Kata
Joshua Martel - Weapons Kata and Team Kata
Elise Neufeld - Kata
Geoffrey Newell - Kumite
Elysia Paike - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Megan Parker - Kata
Luke Saunders - Kumite
Rebecca Reader-Lee - Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite
Jeffrey Riches - Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Andrew Wierenga - Kata

Tristan Blacker - Kata
Malia Brodie - Kata
Antonio Correia - Team Kata
Brandon Cowan - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Shivonne Dawe - Kata
Ashley Deventer - Team Kata
Mike Deventer - Team Kata
Sarah Doctor - Team Kata
Luke Ewens - Kumite and Team Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kumite and Team Kata
Brendan Flower - Kata
Holly Goodacre - Team Kata
David Goodfellow - Kata
Zack Hancock - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Luke Hayness - Kumite and Kata
Camille Irvine - Kata
Emma Reader Lee - Kata
Alex MacDonell - Kumite
Tijah Marshall - Kata
Joshua Martel - Kumite
Nadage Martel - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Olivier Martel - Kata
Casey Martin - Kata
Nyah Matwick-Reid - Kata
Alex McDonell - Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Kumite
Trillium McNab - Kumite and Kata
Megan Parker - Kumite
Brett Paterson - Kata and Team Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Weapons Kata
Brecken Sales - Kata
Luke Saunders - Kata
Allison Shuss - Kata
Keelan Siemans - Kata
Christopher Smook - Kata
Jake Solbakken - Team Kata
Gabriel Staples-Shaw - Kata
Anna Lena Steiner - Kata
Finn Steiner - Kata
Noah Tourigny - Kumite and Kata
Melinda Wise - Kata and Weapons Kata
Melody Wise - Weapons Kata
Casey Woo - Kata
Jordin Woo - Kata























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