Nine of our members took part in the Vancouver Island Championships held in Duncan on April 26, 2008. While nine members in one of the smallest representations our club has ever made at the Vancouver Island Championships, the performances were outstanding.

We always say that medals aren't everything, but when a medal is earned for every event entered, that's pretty special and that's what happened -- twenty-five events entered and twenty-five medals earned. In addition, three of our members had a "perfect" tournament... Josh entered two events and earned two gold medals, Geoffrey entered three events and earned three gold medals, and Carah entered four events and earned quad-gold!

Excellent work everyone!

Joshua McIntosh - Kumite and Kata
Geoffrey Newell - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Jean Newell - Kata and Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite and Kata and Weapons Kata and Team Kata

Sarah Doctor - Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kumite
Jean Newell - Kumite
Danny Riches - Team Kumite
Jeffrey Riches - Kumite and Kata and Weapons Kata

Sarah Doctor - Kumite
Lucas Ewens - Kumite and Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kata
Danny Riches - Kata








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