Thirty-seven of our members took part in the 2007 Vancouver Island Championships held on April 28, 2007. It was another great day for our members. Although we didnít have the same sweep as last yearís event, our members had another successful day none the less. A total of 54 medals were won (compared to 67 last year) with 14 gold, 17 silver and 23 bronze (unofficial results).

There were some surprising finishes and some expected finishes. One unusual event was that several of our members had the case of the tipsy's (momentary loss of balance -- which is usually penalized quite harshly) and another few had temporary laryngitis (no kia). Must have been the spiked milk in the morning cereal. :)

Also, there were a large number of first timers at this event, and the first tournament is always the toughest. Once the kids get comfortable with the whole scene, they will perform much better. No matter. There were some great performances in the kata divisions and many exciting bouts in the kumite divisions.

Some personal bests were also set and we had several of our members winning up to three medals each. Congratulations to one and all for your hard work and a big thank you to all the parents for your support.

Holly Goodacre - Kata
David Goodfellow - Kumite and Kata
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham - Kata
Cody Lan-Phavongkham - Kata
Olivier Martel - Team Kata
Joshua Martel - Kumite
Geoffrey Newell - Kata and Team Kata
Jean Newell - Team Kata
Seth Rogers - Kata
Carah Webster - Kata
Tom White - Kata

Brendon Kwan - Kumite and Kata
Cameron Kwan - Kumite and Kata
Nadage Martel - Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Kumite and Kata
Jean Newell - Kata
Elysia Paike - Kumite and Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Mya Rivers - Kata
Sarah Youell - Kata

Kaitlyn Dawe - Team Kata
Shivonne Dawe - Team Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kumite and Kata
Brendan Flower - Team Kata
Zack Hancock - Kumite and Team Kata
Lucy Hancock - Team Kata
Alexander Macdonell - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Olivier Martel - Kata
Nadage Martel - Kumite and Team Kumite
Joshua Martel - Team Kumite and Weapons Kata and Team Kata
Rachel Merriman - Kata
Danny Riches - Team Kumite
Jeffrey Riches - Kumite
Lucas Simpson - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite and Weapons Kata

Alexander, David, and Lucas performing team kata

Lucy, Zack, and Shivonne performing team kata

Geoffrey, Olivier, and Jean performing team kata


Cody, Carah, and Alysia performing team kata

Sydney, Konrad, and Tyler performing team kata

Graeme, Holly, and Rachel performing team kata


Sarah, Nadage, and Jeffrey performing team kata

Kaitlyn, Brendan, and Joshua performing team kata

Cody performing bo kata


Elyshia performing bo kata

Carah performing bo kata

Alyshia performing bo kata


Nadage performing bo kata

Rachel performing bo kata

Jeffrey performing bo kata


Joshua performing bo kata

Danny performing bo kata

Brody performing kata


Amanda performing kata

Cameron performing kata

Sarah performing kata


Sydney performing kata

Lucas performing kata

Tyler performing kata


David performing kata

Steven performing kata

Seth discovers gold


A few...




Mya performing kata

Brendon performing kata

Jean performing kata


Alexander performing kata

Holly performing kata

Lucy performing kata


Olivier performing kata

Cody performing kata

Shivonne performing kata


Cody performing kata

Sarah awaits her kata score

Elyshia performing kata


Carah performing kata

Zack performing kata

Konrad performing kata


Time for...

...a few more...



Alyshia performing kata

Jeffrey performing kata

Geoffrey performing kata


Nadage performing kata

Rachel performing kata

Tom performing kata


Joshua performing kata

Kaitlyn performing kata

Brendan performing kata


Danny performing kata

Play (er, Lunch) Time

Seth kicks to the head


Sydney kicks to the chest

Lucas attacks the face

Sarch kicks to the chest


Cameron kicks to the chest

David kicks to the head

Alexander (right) mixes it up


Joshua attacks the upper body

Elyshia kicks Lucy in the ribs

Lucy kicks Elyshia in the gut


Brendon kicks to the chest

Shivonne punches the face

Carah kicks to the ribs


Zack kicks to the chest

Nadage scores to the head

Konrad kicks to the chest


Jeffrey scores to the face

Tom kicks to the ribs

Joshua lands a rib-crusher


Danny scores to the chest

A couple of final...

...medal presentations

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