Five of our members took part in the 2007 Karate BC Provincial Championships held on April 14, 2007. Four of our members qualified for events at the 2006 Karate BC Championship Eliminations, while one of our members (Carah) was lucky enough to be a coaches-pick for kata and kumite after missing the eliminations tournament.

As is usually the case at the Provincials, the competition was skilled and fierce. A little different organization was used this time around at the tournament. Rather than having all competitors perform kata and then kumite, each division performed kumite immediately after kata (on the same matte).

One particular highlight of the afternoon saw Danny take on a virtual marathon of activity. Timing on the photographs indicate that in a 45 minute period, Danny took part in three kumite bouts, two weapons kata performances, and two medal ceremonies; all while running back-and-forth across the arena six times to attend each event -- whew!

Danny Riches - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kumite

Sydney Ewens - Kata and Kumite
Carah Webster - Kata

Danny Riches - Weapons Kata

Sydney performing kata

Carah performing kata

Jeffrey awaits his kata score


Brendan performing kata

Danny performing bo kata

Sydney kicks to the face


Carah punches to the face

Danny scores to the chest

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