Thirty-three of our members took the trek to Duncan to participate in the 2006 Vancouver Island Championships held on April 29, 2006. Our 33 members entered a total of 66 events, medalling in 55 of them, and brought home a total of 67 medals. This is club record and our club was awarded the "most medals won by a club" trophy at the end of the tournament.

Regardless of medals won or new club records, the fact remains that simple participation and having fun is the primary goal and our members certainly looked to be having fun whether they were draped with glory or not. All of our members should be very proud of themselves.

Many thanks to all the members (and let's not forget the parents) for making our club the best in so many ways!

Kaitlyn Dawe - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kata
David Green - Kumite
Brendon Kwan - Kumite and Kata
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham - Kumite and Team Kata
Cody Lan-Phavongkham - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Kata
Danny Riches - Kata
John Robertson - Kata
Carah Webster - Kata and Team Kata
Tom White - Kumite

Brandon Cowan - Kata and Weapons Kata and Team Kata
Courtney Cowan - Kata and Team Kata
Kaitlyn Dawe - Kata and Team Kumite
Shivonne Dawe - Kumite
David Green - Kata
Lucy Hancock - Kumite and Kata
Zack Hancock - Kumite
Gabriel Ho - Team Kata
Brendon Kwan - Team Kata
Cameron Kwan - Kata
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham - Kata
Joshua Martel - Kumite and Team Kumite
Nadage Martel - Kumite and Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Team Kumite and Weapons Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kata
Stephanie Robertson - Kata and Team Kata
John Robertson - Kumite
Lucas Simpson - Kata
Brandon Zhou-Charles - Team Kata

Brandon Cowan - Kumite
Kaitlyn Dawe - Team Kata
Sydney Ewens - Team Kumite
Holly Goodacre - Kata and Team Kata
Lucy Hancock - Team Kata
Gabriel Ho - Kumite and Kata
Darren Hutchinson - Kata
Joshua Martel - Kata and Team Kata
Olivier Martel - Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Kumite
Elysia Paike - Kata
Danny Riches - Team Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kumite
Tyler Termehr - Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite
Tom White - Kata
Amanda Youell - Kata
Brandon Zhou-Charles - Kumite and Kata

Sydney, Holly, and Lucy performing team kata

Olivier, Steven, and Tyler performing team kata

Brandon, Courtney, and Brendon performing team kata


Cody, Carah, and Alysia performing team kata

Brandon, Nadage, and Gabriel performing team kata

Kaitlyn, Danny, and Joshua performing team kata


Medals and ribbons...

...and medals...

...and medals


Brandon performing bo kata

Kaitlyn performing bo kata

Danny performing bo kata


Cameron performing kata

Amanda performing kata

Brendon performing kata


Lucy performing kata

Holly performing kata

Sydney performing kata


Gavin performing kata

Olivier performing kata

Cody performing kata


Steven performing kata

Brandon performing kata

Lucas performing kata


Some more medals...

...and more...

...and more


Tyler performing kata

Zack performing kata

Carah performing kata


Elysia performing kata

Joshua performing kata

Courtney performing kata


Alyshia performing kata

Shivonne performing kata

Brandon performing kata


Nadage performing kata

Jeffrey performing kata

Tom performing kata


Gabriel awaits his kata score

Kaitlyn performing kata

Joshua performing kata


Time for more medals...

...and more...

...and more...


...and more medals

Danny performing kata

John performing kata


David performing kata

Stephanie performing kata

Darren performing kata


Brandon kicks Cody's ribs...

...and Cody returns the favour

Lucy scores to the head (soon)


Brendon mixes it up

Carah finds Alyshia's face and...

...Alyshia finds Carah's chest


Shivonne goes to the chest

Zak scores to the chest

Joshua sizes-up his opponent


Elysia blocks a reverse punch

Brandon kicks to the ribs

Tom scores to the chest


Jeffrey goes to the face

Nadage kicks to the head

Gabriel kicks to the belly


Kaitlyn kicks to the ribs

Joshua kicks to the facce

Danny - If looks could kill


David kicks John in the chest...

...and John returns the favour

The Team

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