Seventeen of our members went north to Comox to participate in the 2006 Island Friendship Tournament held on May 27, 2006. Almost two hundred competitors took part in this annual event, hosted by the Comox Shito-Ryu karate club, and it was an exciting tournament for our guys and gals.

Our 17 members participated in 39 events and total of 34 medals were won. Once again there were many personal bests acheived as several of our members won double gold and one, Elysia, won three gold medals.

Regardless of medals won, the fact remains that simple participation, learning something new, making friends and having a great time, should always be the priority and, hopefully, the memories and friendships will last a long time.

Way to go muchachos!

Kaitlyn Dawe - Kumite and Kata
Shivonne Dawe - Kumite and Team Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kata
Brendan Flower - Kumite and Kata
Lucy Hancock - Kumite and Kata
Elysia Paike - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Weapons Kata
Stephanie Robertson - Kumite and Kata
Carah Webster - Kata and Team Kata

Andrew Cunningham - Kata
Sydney Ewens - Team Kata
Lucy Hancock - Team Kata
Zack Hancock - Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kumite

Shivonne Dawe - Kata
Zack Hancock - Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kata and Team Kata
Tom White - Kata and Team Kata
Brandon Zhou-Charles - Kata and Team Kata

Lucy, Zack, and Sydney performing team kata

Alesia, Carah, and Shivonne performing team kata

Brandon, Jeffrey, and Tom performing team kata


Carah performing bo kata

Kaitlyn performing bo kata

Brendon performing bo kata


Danny performing bo kata

Amanda performing kata

Sydney performing kata


Lucy performing kata

Alesia performing kata

Carah performing kata


Shivonne performing kata

Sarah performing kata

Zack performing kata


Medals here...

...Medals there...

...Medals, medals everywhere


Brandon performing kata

Tom performing kata

Jeffrey performing kata


Kaitlyn performing kata

Brendon performing kata

Danny performing kata


Stephanie performing kata

Darren performing kata

Time for (tug of) war


Lucy scores to the ribs

Carah scores to the chest

Shivonne scores to the chest


Elysia scores to the ribs (ouch!)

Zack punches to the face

Brandon kicks to the ribs


Tom lands a right cross?

Jeffrey scores to the face

Kailyn punches to the face


Brendon scores to the face

Danny scores to the ribs

The Comox Team

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