The first tournament of the season was the Karate BC Fall Championship held on October 14, 2006. Three of our members dusted off the summer cob webs and made the trip to the mainland (big island) to take part.

Our trio entered into a total of eight events and brought back seven medals -- pretty impresive!

As usuall, everyone at Karate BC demonstrated their ability to host a great, enjoyable tournament and we thank everyone that made the tournament so much fun.

Way to go everyone!

Brendan Flower - Kata

Brendan Flower - Kumite
Devon Matthews - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kata

Devon Matthews - Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite and Weapons Kata

Carah performing kata

Brendan performing kata

Devon performing kata


Carah mixes it up

Brendan kicks to the chest

Devon scores to the stomach



...and Gold...

...and Bronze... (Oh My :)


Carah performing bo kata

Brendan performing bo kata

The Tournament Team

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