A single member took the trek to Vancouver and competed in the Fall BC Championships, held Saturday, October 1, 2005. Carah competed in Kata and Kumite and won gold and bronze medals respectively. It was a fantastic tournament and a great crowd!

Oddly enough, the “highlight” of the tournament wasn’t the gold medal in kata, but the bronze medal in kumite. Early into her first bout, Carah took a hard, arrant kick to the side of the face that caused great discomfort. Displaying real heart and courage, she fought on, completing her bouts and earning her bronze medal (the hard way).

Carah Webster - Kata

Carah Webster - Kumite

Carah performing kata

Carah performing kata

Carah receiving a gold medal


Carah blocks kick & scores

Carah takes a knee & scores

Carah scores to the chest


Carah scores to the chest

Carah receiving a bronze medal

Three fierce opponents
(and friends)

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