Another fun and prosperous tournament for our club!

Seven of our members attended the 2004 BC Open Karate Championships, held on Novermber 27th in Coquitlam. A total of 12 medals were won and a good time was had by all.

Although it seems that we always do well, when it comes to placing in the medals rounds, this time we set another record with each of our attending members winning a medal in the kata division. Wow!!!!! Way to go guys.

One of the toughest divisions to compete in is usually the blue/brown division and, even though everyone deserves a special mention for a superb execution of skill, both Paul and Kayla each executed, in my opinion, their best kata performance to date. Congratulations to all for a job well done.

Grant Diamond - Kumite and Kata
Sharon Goodman - Kata

Paul Butler - Kata
Sharon Goodman - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kumite and Kata

Andrew Butler - Kumite and Kata
Nico Butler - Kumite and Kata
Kayla Depuit - Kata

Carah performing kata

Nico performing kata

Andrew performing kata


Paul performing kata

Grant performing kata

Kayla performing kata


Sharon performing kata

Strategy session

Fraternizing with opponents


Carah kicks in Kihon Ippon

Nico avoids a kick

Nico goes to the face


Andrew strikes the belt

Andrew kicks over the block

Kayla's kick is blocked


Kayla delivers a roundhouse

Sharon sends a front kick

Paul's opponent is off balance


The 2004 BC Championship Team

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