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Victoria Renshikan karate brings home 20 medals.

Spencer Nelson, Danny Riches, Colin Sedgwick, Todd Conrod and Nick Yanchuk each struck gold as the Victoria Renshikan Karate Club took home 20 medals from the international Victoria Invitational Karate Tournament last weekend.

Riches and Yanchuk won gold for kata (forms) while Nelson, Sedgwick and Conrod placed first in kumite. Conrod also took bronze in kata.

Victoria Renshikan is located in the Saanich Commonwealth Pool community centre.

Big medal winner was Nico Butler who won bronze in both kata and kumite. He combined with Riches and Andrew Butler to take third in team kata. Andrew Butler also won bronze in kumite.

Other medal winners include Rafael Ponce de Leon, silver, kumite; Nathan Stretch, silver, kata; Kyle Owens, bronze, kata; and Carah Webster, Sarah Youell and Shivonne Dawe, bronze for team kata. Youell also placed third in individual kata.

The Victoria tournament was sanctioned by Karate BC, the sport governing body for karate in B.C.

More than 200 competitors from British Columbia and Washington took part in the tournament sponsored by CASK Shiai of Victoria and the Wado Karate Association of Canada.

Todd Conrod - Kumite
Spencer Nelson - Kumite
Danny Riches - Kata
Colin Sedgwick - Kumite
Nick Yanchuck - Kata

Nico Butler - Kata
Rafael Ponce de Leon - Kumite
Nathan Strech - Kata
Nick Yanchuk - Kumite

Andrew Butler - Team Kata
Nico Butler - Kumite and Team Kata
Todd Conrod - Kata
Shivonne Dawe - Team Kata
Kayla Depuit - Kumite
Kyle Owens - Kata
Danny Riches - Team Kata
Carah Webster - Team Kata
Sarah Youell - Kata and Team Kata

Todd scores

Danny blocks a kick

Andrew blocks a kick


Andrew scores

Paul blocks and scores

Colin avoids a kick


Nico scores

Colin kicks

Kyle kicks


Kayla (left) sparring

Nico, Danny, and Andrew
Team Kata

Sarah, Carah, and Shivonne
Team Kata


Danny performing Kata

Brody performing Kata

Spencer performing Kata


Jeffrey performing Kata

Rafael performing Kata

Nick performing Kata


Kaitlyn performing Kata

Three happy guys

Three happy girls


The Tournament Team
(Nick and Todd missing)

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