Itís true that we're one of the best as, once again, our members proved that we're a top ranked club. On Sunday, May 29, 2005, three of our members competed in the 2005 BC Provincial Spring Championship. They entered in six events and won six medals including: one gold, three silver, and two bronze. It was an exciting tournament, with several cliff-hanger finishes, tie breakers, and scoring in the last few seconds.

Danny was the only blue in a "sea" of brown and black (belts) for much of the competition. A nail-biting triumph occurred in kumite when Danny, after falling behind, scored a kick to the head in the final seconds to take the lead and gold.

Jeffrey also faced some very experienced opponents (including 11 green belts) and ended up tied for the silver medal in kata. Even at this level, a different kata was required. Jeffrey pulled it off in another nail-biter and won the silver medal.

Carah missed gold in kata by a blue belt performance of Heian Sandan that scored 2/10ths above her score. Yet another nail-biter, in kumite, saw Carah defeat a very experienced fighter in a photo-finish tie breaker (photos below).

WOW!... What an exciting tournament. Congratulations to you three!

Danny Riches - Kumite

Jeffrey Riches - Kata
Carah Webster - Kumite and Kata

Danny Riches - Kata and Weapons Kata

Carah performing kata

Carah performing kata

Carah receiving a silver medal


Jeffrey at...

...five frames...

...per second


Jeffrey in the tie breaker

Jeffrey receiving a silver medal

Danny performing kata


Danny performing kata

Carah scores to the chest

Carah scores (avoiding kick)


Carah misses - match is tied

Carah scores in tie breaker...

...(at five frames per second)


Danny performing bo kata

Danny scores to the face

A little emotion


Danny scores to the head

It's all in good fun

Danny receiving a gold medal


The BC Championship Team

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