What an exciting tournament for our club!

You guys rock. And, at the risk of sounding repetitive, I must say it once again that our club performance was awesome. Even instructors from other clubs kept commenting on how well our club was doing.

Once again we brought home a record number of medals. A total of 29 medals were won -- 13 gold, 6 silver and 10 bronze. Congratulations to all of you for your outstanding performance.

Apart from the medals, some personal bests was also displayed, even if a medal was not won. When an individual can go from not being able to stand in front of a crowd to actually entering in a tournament and finish their performance (as the credit card commercial goes) -- that's priceless!

Medals only tell part of the story, never the full story. So please always aim for your personal best and never just for the medal. When you aim for the medal and one is not won, there is disappointment and a feeling of failure, however, when you aim for your personal best there is always satisfaction and success.

Andrew Butler - Kumite and Kata and Team Kata
Nico Butler - Team Kata
Grant Diamond - Kata
Brendan Flower - Kumite
Sharon Goodman - Kumite and Kata
Peter Kelly - Kumite and Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Kata (x2)
Sam Bradstock - Team Kata
Brody MacMillan - Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kata and Team Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Team Kata

Paul Butler - Kumite
Nico Butler - Kumite
Kaitlyn Dawe - Team Kata
Brendan Flower - Kata and Team Kata
Joshua McIntosh - Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite
Sean Robertson - Team Kata
Carah Webster - Team Kata
Sarah Youell - Team Kata

Andrew Butler - Team Kata
Nico Butler - Kumite
Grant Diamond - Kumite and Team Kata
Sydney Ewens - Kata
Brendan Flower - Kata
Emily Goodman - Kata and Team Kata
Sharon Goodman - Team Kata
Darcy Harnadek - Kata
Nadage Martel - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kata (x2)

Sydney (right) stands with her competitors

Shivonne performing kata

Sarah performing kata


Joshua performing kata

Carah performing kata

Jeffrey performing kata


Brody performing kata

Nadage performing kata

Brendan performing kata


Sean performing kata

Joshua performing kata

Kaitlyn performing kata


Darcy performing kata

Nico performing kata

Danny performing kata


Jeffrey, Brody, and Sam performing team kata

Joshua, Carah, and Sarah performing team kata

Sean, Brendan, and Kaitlyn performing team kata


Andrew, Sharon, Grant, and Emily receiving medals

Brendan scores to the chest

Grant delivers a mae geri


Nico scores to the face

Danny scores to the stomach

Paul blocks a kick


The 2004 Victoria Team

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