Our members attended the annual Sato Cup tournament in Burnaby and, once again, they shone. Eight youths and two adults participated in the tournament and a total of four medals were won. Although the final medal count is less than our usual standing, it does not reflect the outstanding effort that our team displayed.

Danny, Kayla and Nico missed the medal rounds by one tenth of a point in their respective kata divisions. All three put on a great performance.

Paul missed the medal round in the kumite division because of time restraints. Although he won his first two matches (which normally qualifies the contestant to the medal round), it was changed to a single elimination event. After loosing his third match, to the eventual winner, he was disqualified.

A pleasant surprise by Brody, whom won a gold medal in kata with a wonderful execution of techniques. Also, an outstanding show of fighting skill by Nico, in kumite, against an opponent over a foot taller than him. Nico went on to win bronze. Andrew won silver in kata and Carah won bronze in kata. Jeffrey, Danny, Nathan and Spencer also participated but didn't get to the medal rounds, this time.

Way to go guys!

Brody MacMillan - Kata

Andrew Butler - Kata

Nico Butler - Kumite
Carah Webster - Kata

View from hotel (night before)

Opening Ceremonies

VIDEO (3Mb)! - Jeffrey, Brody, and Carah performing (parts of) Shi-Ho-Hi kata


Danny performing bo kata

Andrew performing kata

Nico scores to the jaw


Kayla performing kata

Nico scores kick to the chest

Paul performing kata


Nico gets inside and knocks down 'Goliath'

Nathan performing kata

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