"Awesome," "WOW," "Fantastique," and "you must be proud," are a few of the adjectives and comments that we heard over-and-over at the Island Spring Karate Championships held on May 1st in Duncan. At the risk of sounding repetitive, we will say it again; our members are some of the best on the Island and, indeed, in the Province. Not only because we won a record number of medals, 36 in total, but because our guys and gals did an awesome job at representing the club.

Although medals are the icing on the cake, they do not always tell the whole story of the events. Two test cases come to mind. On the down side, Andrew Butler lost a medal in his event, even though he performed one of the best kata in his karate career. And, indeed, it was the best performed kata in his ring. Several inexperienced judges, however, made several errors in scoring and Andrew was denied a medal.

On the other side of the coin, Peter Kelly won a gold in kumite. Although that is impressive in itself, what's even more impressive is the fact that Peter, an orange belt, won the gold by competing in the blue/brown division. Rafael, also an orange belt, competed in the same event and won the bronze. Now that's impressive!

Please remember that errors by inexperienced judges, and by experienced ones at times, will happen. Hopefully, in the end, the amount of errors against us evens out by the number of errors in our favour.

Overall, it was a very impressive show by all, and is reflected in the medal standing.

Congratulations to one and all!

Danielle Alessio - Kata
Andrew Butler - Team Kata
Nico Butler - Kata and Team Kata
Julie Cunningham - Kumite
Sharon Goodman - Kumite and Kata
Stefan Kabal - Kata
Peter Kelly - Kumite and Kata
Brody MacMillan - Kata and Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kumite and Team Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Team Kata
Carah Webster - Kata and Team Kata

Todd Conrod - Kumite
Kayla Depuit - Kata
Joseph Esnouf - Team Kata
Brendan Flower - Team Kata
Stefan Kabal - Kumite
Kyle Owens - Kumite
Gary Parson - Team Kata
Danny Riches - Kata and Weapons Kata
Jeffrey Riches - Kata
Nathan Strech - Kata
Sarah Youell - Kata

Andrew Butler - Kumite
Nico Butler - Kumite
Paul Butler - Kata
Todd Conrod - Kata
Julie Cunningham - Kata
Kayla Depuit - Kumite
Rafael Ponce de Leon - Kumite

Shivonne awaits her score after performing kata

Joseph, Brendan, and Gary performing Team Kata

Brendan, Joseph, Gary, Brody, Jeffrey, and Carah


Nico, Andrew, and Danny performing Team Kata

Carah performing Kata

Sarah performing Kata


Backing off the mat with smiles and gold

Carah receiving gold

Danny performing Weapons Kata


Jeffery performing Kata

Brody performing Kata

Brody receiving gold


Andrew performing Kata

Mitchell performing Kata

Nico performing Kata


Kyle performing Kata

Julie performing Kata

Brendan performing Kata


Danny performing Kata

Joseph performing Kata

Ben performing Kata


Paul performing Kata

Kayla performing Kata

Peter performing Kata


Todd performing Kata

Danielle performing Kata

Nathan performing Kata


Nico scores (in about 1/30 of a second)

Danny delivers a crushing front kick

Kyle gives Nico a shot-in-the-arm


Andrew scores to the face

Colin scores to the ribs

Kayla kicks and scores under the block


We predict Stefan to score to the face in less than a second

Todd's oponent hits the mat (with some help from Todd)

Rafael puts a foot in Nathans chest and...


... Nathan returns the favour to Rafael

Peter goes airborne!...

... and scores with his feet on the ground too


The Youth Team
(less Ben and Colin)

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