Here are the results from the Sato Cup Tournament, held at the BCIT campus in Burnaby on Saturday, Feb 08, 2003.

Seven of our members entered in 9 divisions and 7 medals were won. The turn-out at the tournament was larger than expected, with over 500 contestant from Western Canada and the States participating.

Although I wasn't present, Larry and the parents that attended had praises for our members in the way that they represented our club. "They were outstanding in all divisions","we should be very proud of how well they did" are a just a couple of the comments from them. Of course, we're always proud of them as long as they do their best, whether they win a medal or not.

Only Paul and Kayla competed in the kumite division. Danny was schedule to compete in it, but fell ill after eating pizza at lunch and had to withdraw.

Nico Butler and Krista Butler also competed and did very well, but did not place in the top three.

Congratulations to you all and a big thanks to the chaperons.

Kathy Butler - Kata
Kayla Depuit - Kumite
Paul Butler - Kumite (tied for gold and placed silver after tie-breaker)

Andrew Butler - Kata
Paul Butler - Kata
Kayla Depuit - Kata
Danny Riches - Kata (tied for silver and placed bronze after tie-breaker)


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