An exciting and fun filled day for everyone -at the 2012 BC Spring Provincial Qualifier- held at Royal Oak School- in Victoria BC on October 22, 2011. The Karate BC Spring Championships will be in Burnaby on November 26/27, 2011 at the BCIT Campu

Congratulation to one and all for a great tournament and good sportsmanship.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers and officials. This was one of the best run tournaments thanks to your efforts and support.

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Waiting for official confirmation

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Ready for action   checking the action   same
Waiting   posing for the camera   chilling

buds   ready   waiting

Aaron   Alex N   Alex P

Alex M   Amanda   April
Branden   Brian   Bruce
Camden   Camille   Konrad

Daniel   Devin   Emma

Essencia   Gaurav   Graham
Hannah   Israel   Jakob

Jeyden   Jordan   Joseph

Kaden   Kim   Lucy
Mcgregor   Matthew C   Ethan
Olivia   Rebecca   Sarah
Uma   Virginia   Willem


Zoe   Uma   Sarah
Olivia K   Jakob   Emma
Branden   Amanda   Olivia B
Alex   Amanda   Branden
Camden   Graham   Hannah

Lucy   Olivia B   Rebecca, Malia, Olivia

Zoe   Noah, Hannah, Ethan   Jeyden
Alex and David   Alex P   Ben and John
Branden   Brian   Bruce
Essencia   Fred   Gaurav
Hannah   Israel   Jakob
John and Alex   Kaden and Joseph   Lucy and Megan
Malia   Matthew   Sarah
Virginia   Branden   Fred
Hannah   Lucy and Megan   Olivia B
Sarah   Branden   David G
Aaron   Malia   Uma
Zack   Willem and dad   Hannah and dad
The Thomsons   Graham, Fred and Jakob   having a good time
Jeyden, Uma, Virginia   Sarah, Camden, Konrad  

Olivia, Todd, Amanda

Todd and George   Hmmmmmm   Jim and Roy
Andrew   Todd   Patrick, Stirling, Megan
  Congratualtions to one and all   A big thank you to all volunteers and officials for making this tournament a succes.
Jim, Chris, April, Rino, Steph        

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