Due to our first snowfall of the year, it made for an interesting treck up to Nanaimo to attend the 2011 Karate BC Spring Provincial qualifying tournament. Unfortunately, due to the not ideal road conditions, three of our members were unable to attend.. The Karate BC Spring Championships will be in Burnaby (BCIT Campus) on January 22/23, 2011.

Twelve of our members participated and a total of 18 medals were won by our group - 6 gold, 2 silver and 10 bronze.

Congratulation to one and all for a great tournament and good sportsmanship.

gold header

Geoffrey Newell -Kata
Jean Newell -kata
Jean Newel -kumite
Geoffrey Newell -Kumite
Amanda Illmayer -kumite
Matthew Louwrier -kumite

silver header

Alex MacDonell -kumite
Olivia Knoster -kata

bronze header

Clarissa Glover-Scanlan -kata
Clarissa Glover-Scanlan -kumite
Clarissa Glover-Scanlan -Team kata
Clarissa Glover-Scanlan -Weapon kata
Sarah Doctor -kata
Sarah Doctor -team kata
Sydney Ewens -kata
Sydney Ewens -team kata
Patrick Yu-Chi Huang-kata

Amanda Illmayer-kata

Sydney, Sarah, Uma, Clarissa   Jean   Geoffrey
Clarissa   Geoffrey   Malia
Patrick   Uma   Malia
Clarissa   Uma   Uma
Malia   Geoffrey   Patrick
Sarah, Clarissa, Sydney   Malia, Clarissa   Sarah, Clarissa, Sydney
Sarah, clarissa, Uma   Uma    
Jean and Alex

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