An exciting and fun filled day for everyone -at the 2010 BC Spring Provincial Qualifier- held at Royal Oak School- in Victoria BC on November 07, 2009. The Karate BC Spring Championships will be in Burnaby on January 23/24, 2010.

A total of 52 medals were won by our group - 16 gold, 12 silver and 24 bronze.

Congratulation to one and all for a great tournament and good sportsmanship.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers. This was one of the best run tourney thanks to your efforts and support.

gold header

Rebecca Reader Lee
Christina Compton
Zoe Abbott
Olivia Knoster
Geoffrey Newell (2)
Kaitlyn Dawe
Danny Riches (3) 
Jordan Hancock
Camille Irvine
Lucy Hancock
Amanda Illmayer
Zack Hancock
Stewart Keenan

silver header

Samantha Mckenzie
Clarissa Scanlan
Sarah Doctor
Jordan Compton
Jean Newell
Amanda Illmayer
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham
Zack Hancock
Sarah Doctor
Olivia Knoster
Cody Lan-Phavongkham

bronze header

Brodie Malia
Alex Pan
Patrick Yu-Chi, Huang

Kaden Brajcich
Bruce York
Eliana Miranda
Camille Irvine
Clarissa Scanlan
Emma Reader-Lee
Cody Lan-Phavongkham
Alex Macdonell
Lucy Hancock
Sydney Ewens
Anna-Lena Steiner
Christina Compton
Kim MacDonnell
Jake Solbakken
Alex Pan
Ryland Owens
Jordan Compton
Sydney Ewens
Alex MacDonnell
Jean Newell
Alyshia Lan-Phavongkham

Geoffrey Newell


Our fans   more fans   yet....more fans
a few more   A hug before competing   A rest before going out

Discussing strategy?   Job well done   My fans

The kids are ready   and relaxed    

what, no gi?   Judges are almost ready   Discussing the new rules
More rules   Looking good   Volunteers are ready
and so are they   Yep, ready   and so are these guys
Not quite ready       Ready for anything
Alex   Alyshia   Amanda
Andrew   Anna-Lena   Evan
Brandon   Brecken   Camden
Camille   Christina   Clarissa
Cody M   Cody Lan-P   David
Emma   Ashely   Ivan
Geoffrey   Jake   Jean
Jordan   Kaden W   Kaden B
Keenan   Konrad   Logan
Lorelei   Luke   Lucy
Lucas   Malia   Mike
Olivia B   Olivia   Patrick
Gabriele   Lucy   Malia, Jordan & Rebecca
Rayland   Sofia   Rebecca
Samantha   Sarah   Mimi
Sydney   Uma   Zoe
Alex P   Alex MacD   Alyshia
Amanda   Olivia & Amanda   Camden
Clarissa   Cody T   Cody & Jean
David   Jake   Alex & Jake
Jordan H   Jordan C   Kim
Konrad   Lucas   Lucy
Luke   Rayland   Sarah
Stewart   Alex   Bruce
Rebecca, Malia & Olivia   Ivan   Jordan C
Kaden   Kaitlyn   Lucy
Malia   Sarah   Amanda
Brandon   Clarissa   Geoffrey
Sarah   Danny   The girls

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