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September 20, 2021


Fall registration is now open.

First class on Tuesday, September 21

Youth class @6:30 pm
Teen/adult class @ 7:45 pm

Due to the uncertenty with covid-19, for the Fall session, all students (all ranks) register with Saanich Commonwealth Place.


Please use the following link to view all available times/days offered at Saanich Place

Use This Link to view all classes and to Register online




What's new

If you would like to register by phone, please call


Quote the following class codes:

One Class per week

Tuesday youth class --66172

Thursday youth class --66173

Saturday 10:15 youth class --66178

Saturday 11:15 youth class --66179

Saturday 12:15 youth class --66180

Two classes per week

Tuesday/Thursday youth class --66182

Tuesday/Saturday 11:15 youth class --66185

Tuesday/Saturday 12:15 youth class --66190

Thursday/Saturday 11:15 youth class --66186

Thursday/Saturday 11:15 youth class --66191

Teen/adult classes

Tuesday -66175

Thursday -66176

Tuesday and Thursday -67006


What's new

Please read/download Commonwealth Pool


Please read/download Christ Church Cathedral School



What's new
We have revamped our Club e-store for 2020

All club equipment supplies sales have moved to a new site. Please use menu link "Equipment Sales" at left.

All club registration and grading fees have moved to this link:

Or, use the menu link at left



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